WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD: SMALL PARTS.  Adult supervision recommended.


  • Get everyone excited! Ahead of your event ADVERTISE the location and price of Pucker Powder by placing posters in well-traveled areas (For schools: lobby, cafeteria, hallway, etc.).  Mention that Pucker Powder is free of all major allergens, gluten free and kosher too. Our Customer Resource Page has links to commonly requested artwork and promotional material:
  • When you are ready to open the candy, take off the white cap, remove the safety seal and put the pointed spouts on the bottles.
  • Before your event you may want to cut a bigger hole in the pointed spouts. We find that keeping a pair of scissors at the table during the event is helpful too.



  • Hang a banner high and behind the Pucker Powder table (or high and in front if you have a canopy) so everyone can see where you are!
  • It is helpful to have one or two small containers for the caps. The dollar store is a great place to find them.
  • Aprons with pockets work well for money or tickets.
  • If you have stations with identical flavors/sets of candy, use a permanent marker to put an X on the bottom or back of one set of flavors so you can easily tell where the flavors belong as your table gets busy.
  • Keep the straws in a box under the table, out of reach, so you can hand them out in exchange for tickets or money. Remind your “customers” not to touch the open end of the straw until they are all done filling it J



  • Put the red or white caps back on the bottles and store the candy in a cool, dry place until your next event.
  • Please recycle. J Have a recycle bin handy for the kids to dispose of their empty straws and caps. Candy bottles are 1 (PETE), straws are 4 (LDPE) and caps are 2 (HDPE).
  • Complete the LESSONS LEARNED sheet – save it for your next event, and share your own tips and feedback with us so others can benefit from your suggestions. Experience of peers provides the best kind of advice!
  • Send pictures of smiling kids (of all ages) having FUN making their edible sand art masterpieces. A picture is worth 1,000 words!


Our goal is to offer the best products and customer service possible.  We thank you for your order and truly do appreciate your business.      Sincerely, SandCrafters