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When it comes to our products and services, SandCrafters is a strong believer in Continuous Improvement.  Many of the improvements are based on feedback from our customers, so please keep your ideas coming. 

My favorite thing about SandCrafters the company, is the customer service. PTO life is hectic enough without having to worry about unreliable vendors.

I love the fact that the products are free of nuts, milk, and other allergens. I love the flavors that SandCrafters offers!! My best tip is to try all of the favors:)

At the Georgia’s PTA I met many vendors, but this one really stood out to me because I was able to be a child while creating my own pixy stick that was safe to eat, count & mix the colors. I look forward to our school utilizing the SandCrafters Edible Sand Art. Most importantly, it’s free of allergens, gelatins, peanuts & a few other products. The flavor is very tasty with many flavors they offer. The fun of it all is the children being engaged making their own pixie stick.

What I love best about the Sand Art is it is something different, its creative and its interactive! The kids have a great time putting these together and get so excited by it. Even the parents love getting involved and making one too! It’s also not something you see on every corner.

Our PTO is a repeat customer because the product works well as an activity and take home “prize”. Happy kiddos with one investment.

What I like best about SandCrafters is it is easy to use and doesn’t make a mess and doesn’t have a lot of sugar

I love how excited the kids are to make their own tubes.

It is easy to incorporate into carnivals and other fundraisers at school.

I love the colors and that it’s interactive!

What I love about SandCrafters is the low amount of sugar AND kids getting to customize their flavors/colors the way that THEY want to!

I love the lower amount of sugar in the pucker powder and the fact that the kids can customize their flavors to their liking. I am excited at the possibility of offering this at our spring carnival.

What I love best is the creativity used to create their straws and the fact that it is less sugar in each straw than some of the options we have had in the past.

I love best is the creativity used to create their straws and the fact that it is less sugar in each straw than some of the options we have had in the past.

My favorite thing is the creativity it brings to the kids’ imaginations!

I like that it’s both an activity and a treat to take with you.

I love the awesome vibrant colors and fun ways to make the pucker powder crafts

I love you get to make it yourself and the sugar content is so low!!!

They come in variety of colors and flavors and u can also make your unique straw of color of flavor

What I like best about pucker powder is the fact that my kids face light up when they see their artwork! And then they ate excited because they can eat it too!!

My favorite part is seeing the look on people’s faces when we tell them one stick has less sugar than most brands of kid yogurt! They sell themselves after that!

This is what I like best about best about pucker powder. Watching the kids face when they taste it. It’s even better when they make the parent taste it!

What I like best about pucker powder is my son is autistic and he loves stacking the different flavors/colors and watch them disappear as he eats it.

We are a PTO in Texas. Our open house a few weeks ago was the first time for us to use SandCrafters!
I will say what worked for us was y’alls booth at PTO EXPO! It was and has been the only time we’ve heard of y’all!
The printable posters were so awesome to have at open house! Also, the allergen ingredients and that it wasn’t an allergen was Huge for our school!!!!
Personally, I loved a few things. 

  1. Ordering online was so easy! 
  2. That y’all selected the sugar flavors for me. 
  3. This is probably the biggest one! I just knew it wasn’t enough sugar….but I was obviously wrong! There was plenty to go with the tubes we ordered! I loved that there wasn’t an option to have to guess how much sugar I would need! I loved that y’all do the math for us! 

The packaging was awesome! The set up was easy and the kids loved it!
It would be great to win the drawing but either way we are including SandCrafters for our fall festival!!!
It’s literally too easy to not do!!!

Having nut-free options for our students is so important to us being able to include all students! 

We’ve used Sand Crafters for a couple of years and my favorite things about them are the prices and the variety of products.  I like the options of different sizes of straws, so we can pick just how much we to give our students.  I also love the large variety of flavors to choose from and that they are both sweet and sour!  The options give the kids many color choices and many flavor choices and are always a huge hit at our Fall Festival every year!

Kosher !!! 

Peanut-free facility

Lower prices

Sounds like a fun time 😍

Less sugar, more flavors and different shape tubes

Peanut free facility!

Free from all major allergens!

Love the new flavors, safety seals, affordable prices, actually everything!

The peanut free and safety seals are my favorites! Although we haven’t been able to place in order yet bc of finances, my kids and I are looking forward to being able to soon! They live sand art and when I showed them this they were very excited!

Peanut free

We haven’t tried yet, but have a sample from the PTO expo. I love the variety of flavors , focused on allergies , and is easy to do. We are hoping to purchase some for some of our events. Just have to convince my board 🙂  NOTE FROM SandCrafters FOR EVERYONE WHO NEEDS INFORMATION TO SHARE WITH OTHER DECISION-MAKERS: Our Customer Resource page has most of the information we shared at the show, which should help the Board understand how much FUN, EASY, AND PROFITABLE it is.  If you need more, please call us!

We had you at our spring carnival and our favorite features were the labeled candy containers with screw on funnels and the long-lasting shelf life so the left overs can last till our next big event!! The kids loved it!!

Fun activity and edible! Our school no longer allows any outside food during the day, so as a PTO we try to bring the fun back with our events!

Being Kosher is the best!

Free of the 8 major allergens. Plus the best buy date. We had some from our old board and there was no date listed.

Peanut free…the only reason we would be able to get them approved!

We love that they are free of all the major allergens, how easy they are to do (even for the littles) and that they contain less sugar than most candy. The kids get so excited about them. Not your plain old boring treats!

Buying your products for a school event, I love that your facility is peanut free!

Thanks for making allergies a top priority! My daughter has a peanut allergy and it’s so nice to know that your candy is safe for her!! ❤️

Safety seals, peanut free, low sugar levels!

Thank you so much!  Kids had FUN!!!!”   Elementary School in TX

We have ordered from SandCrafters every year since 2006!” Elementary School – TX

Everything was PERFECT!   It was a big hit.   I liked the new product better.” Elementary School – NJ (ordered from SandCrafters every year since 2009)

Lots of kids came back hoping to get a second straw. The kids LOVED it!  My suggestion:  keep a pair of scissors at the table to adjust the opening of the pointed tips.”  Intermediate School – PA

Thank you for your superb customer service!” Elementary School – NY.

The kids totally loved the sand art.  Hope to do business again with you next year.”  Fall Festival – CA

Edible sand art was a huge hit for spirit days!”  Elementary School – AL